Hydraulic Cylinders

Reinbold offers many years experience in manufacturing medical resistance devices. Choose which hydraulic cylinder you prefer in your exercise machine and define the equipment specifications.


The rollers are integrated into the frame and allow the equipment to easily move around the facility. Build and rearrange circuits based on YOUR needs.


Select the colour which corresponds with your vision. Reinbold offers a beautiful variety of vibrant and clean colours (see below).


This versatile hydraulic training equipment can be used in many different areas.For those new to exercise, for therapeutic exercise or for senior fitness applications. If you require simple operation that takes up little space but the fun of group training, then CIRCLE Line is your perfect partner.

More Individual

Market positioning demands individualisation. From the configuration of your machines as single or combination equipment, via the choice of resistances, even up to the colour of the upholstery. Arrange your equipment to suit your target group. Offer unequalled extra value by providing perfectly tailored equipment.


With our high-tech range of machines and our qualified staff, we have been offering highest quality standards at attractive prices for more than five decades. Our experience combined with the latest technology gives you a competitive edge.

Safety and Certification

Our exercise machines carry the CE mark and can optionally be used as medical devices

Circle Column

With its striking slender design, this low-height column provides CIRCLE Line timekeepers with a valuable accessory for group training. The LED equipment based on the traffic light principle can be configured to suit your requirements and you can have different displays on the front and back and so produce any number of creative space designs.


Patented Design

The CIRCLE Line and our other exercise and therapy products are designed and developed in-house and are constantly checked as part of our rigorous Quality Management process. Despite ever shortening innovation cycles, we are confident that we always offer you the maximum level of user comfort, reliability and quality. All our development, design and manufacture takes place under one roof. Our production is characterised by qualified employees and performance factors such as adherence to delivery dates and optimum process quality. We are confident that our products will meet your highest expectations. Find out for yourself!