Halogen Infrared Spot IRS

Halogen Infrared Spot IRS

The new generation of Heuser Infrared Spots for heat treatment
The Halogen Infrared Spot IRS combines modern design with functionality and efficiency. With a capacity of 600 Watt it produces the equivalent light output of a 900 Watt infrared spot equipped with conventional light bulbs.

The reflectors that have been developed exclusively for the Infrared Spot IRS spread the radiation wide and evenly on the patient’s body.

The pleasant heat is quickly available and may be adjusted by the patient with an optional electronic dimmer. In combination with the stand SST / SSU / SSV, the Halogen Infrared Spot IRS builds a functional entity that corresponds to the current state of the art and stands out by its straight-line design.

Infrared Spot IRS with stand

Halogen Infrared Spot IRS 2

The IRS 2 is based on the same attractive design and the same lighting technology as the larger version IRS.

This technology is characterized by a high rate of therapeutically efficient type A shortwave infrared radiation at low energy input.

Its compact outside dimensions and its complete functionality make the Infrared spot IRS 2 a modern and agile device that we can offer at an attractive price.