Intended Use

Type PT 15: Heating and tempering of paraffin in physiotherapy

Type RW: Heating and tempering of fango paraffin in physiotherapy

Type NFR: Heating and tempering of natural fango in physiotherapy

Equipment of RW / NFR

  • Self-supporting housing made of stainless steel with structured surface
  • Aluminium or stainless-steel vessel (Type NFR: stainless steel vessel)
  • Top lid with red, green or black handle bar, lid fastened with two hinges
  • Energy saving insulation
  • Electronic temperature control with digital temperature display
  • Safety thermometer, displays the temperature even when the device is switched off
  • Indicator lamps for heating, stirring and high temperature treatment
  • Continuous stirring, interval stirring
  • Heated ball valve 1 ¼“ for fango paraffin (Type RW)
  • Ball valve 2“ for natural fango (Type NFR)
  • Motor protection relay
  • Medical Device Class I